The asterisms are grouped into four divisions or circles, under the respective leadership of Agni, Indra, Vayu and Varuna. In this classification, the ancient star Abhijit is also included, so that each of the above four presiding devatas enjoys a circle of seven members.

Students of Maharishi's vedic science will have at least some idea about the nature and function of these four impulses of creative intelligence. On this basis they will be able to discover a certain correspondence between these and the nature of each of the seven joining stars.

For the sake of having a complete overview at hand, the table below shows the four circles, with their president:

2 Bharani 4 Rohini 1 Ashvini 6 Ardra
3 Krittika 17 Anuradha 5 Mrigashira 9 Ashlesha
8 Pushya 18 Jyeshtha 7 Punarvasu 19 Moola
10 Magha 21 U.ashadha 12 U.Phalguni 20 P.ashadha
11 P.Phalguni 22 Abhijit 13 Hasta 25 Shatabhisha
16 Vishakha 23 Shravana 14 Chitra 27 U.Bhadrapada
26 P.Bhadrapada 24 Dhanishtha 15 Svati 28 Revati