Meaning gives the appelative meaning of the name of the Nakshatra.
1 ASHWINI Cavalier, horse-tamer
2 BHARANI The nourishing one
3 KRITTIKA The six nymphs who reared Kartikeya
4 ROHINI  A red cow
5 MRIGASHIRA  Head of a deer
6 ARDRA The moist one
7 PUNARVASU  Return of brightness
8 PUSHYA The flourishing one
9 ASHLESHA The embracing one
10 MAGHA The glorious one
11 PURVA PHALGUNI  The meritorious one
12 UTTARA PHALGUNI  The excellent one
13 HASTA Hand
14 CHITRA The bright one 
15 SWATI The self-moving one
16 VISHAKHA The many branched one 
17 ANURADHA  The bringer of fortune 
18 JYESHTHA The most senior one
19 MULA The basic one
20 PURVASHADHA The invincible one 
21 UTTARASHADHA The invincible one
22 SHRAVANA The learned one 
23 DHANISHTHA The most rich one
24 SHATABHISHA  The hundred physicians 
25 PURVABHADRAPADA The auspicious footed one
26 UTTARABHADRAPADA The auspicious footed one
27 REVATI The opulent one