The classification of the stars into seven natures (Kalaprakashika, p.112) will be of great interest to all Maharishi Jyotish students. It adds a colourful feather to the joy of verification of our experiences.

These seven natures are as follows: Chara or Chanchala -- moving; Sthira or Dhruva --fixed; Mridu -- mild, or Maitra -- friendly; Vajra or Ugra -- strong, or Krura -- cruel; Laghu -- light, or Kshipra -- fast; Tikshna -- sharp, or Daruna -- harassing; Sadharana or Mishra -- mixed.

These qualities form so much part of the nature of the nakshatras, that they clearly show up in the mode of behaviour of the person of the respective janma nakshatra. If you do find an exception to this rule, then the nature of the Lagna's or Sun's nakshatra will come to your rescue. The following table presents the natures of the 27 stars represented by their sequential number.

Chara Moving: 7, 15, 22, 23, 24
Sthira Fixed: 4, 12, 21, 26
Tikshna Sharp: 6, 9, 18, 19
Mridu Mild: 5, 14, 17, 27
Ugra Strong: 2, 10, 11, 20, 25
Kshipra Fast: 1, 8, 13
Sadharana Mixed: 3 and 16

Note: some take 3 and 16 to be a mixture of mridu and tikshna (mild and sharp), because 'having something of two opposite properties' is one of the meanings of sadharana (see below). Note that the three 'purva'stars are Ugra while the three 'uttara'stars are Sthira. Those students of Maharishi Jyotish who would like to go deeper into the various meanings and connotations of each of the six natures, will enjoy the list given below, derived from Sir Monier Monier-Williams'Sanskrit Dictionary.

Chara: moving, locomotive (animals as opposed to plants), movable, shaking, unsteady; going, walking, wandering, the wind, the planet Mangal. char: to move one's self, to go, to walk, to move, to stir, to roam about, to wander, to spread, to be diffused (as fire), to move or travel through, to pervade, to go along, to follow; to behave, to conduct one's self, to act, to be engaged in, to be busy with, to undertake, to practice, to do, to effect, to cause.
Sthira: firm, hard, solid, compact, strong, fixed, immovable, motionless, still, calm, unwavering, steady, durable, stern, relentless, constant, steadfast, resolute, persevering, faithful, trustworthy, firmly resolved, settled, certain. stha: to stand, to stay, to remain, to continue in any condition or action, persevere in any act, to endure, to last, to be, to exist, to abide by, to adhere to, to stay quiet, to remain stationary, to stop, to halt, to be fixed, to be founded on, to establish, to fond, to build, to strengthen, to confirm, to support, to constitute, to fix, to settle, to determine, to resolve.
Tikshna: sharp, hot, pungent, fiery, acid, harsh, rough, rude, keen, zealous, vehement tij: to sharpen, to excite, to stir up.
Mridu: soft, delicate, tender, pliant, mild, gentle, weak, feeble, moderate, slow, name for Shani. mrid: to be gracious, favourable, to pardon, to spare, to treat kindly, to make happy, to rejoice, to delight in.
Vajra: hard, mighty, impenetrable, adamantine, thunderbolt, diamond vaj: to be hard or strong. (=uj)
Ugra: powerful, mighty, strong, huge, formidable, high, noble, fierce, impetuous, ferocious, hot, sharp, name of Rudra. uj: to be hard or strong. (=vaj)
Kshipra: quick, speedy, swift; springing, flying back with a spring, elastic as a bow. kship: to throw, cast, send, despatch, to move hastily (with arms or legs), to throw a glance (with the eye), to strike or hit (with a weapon), to put or place anything on or in, to pour on, scatter, fix or attach to, to direct the thoughts upon, to add (in mathematics)
Sadharana: general, universal, having something of opposite properties, occupying a middle position, balancing between two extremes, behaving alike, similar to, equal to, something in common, a common rule, a rule which is generally applicable, a generic property. sadh: to go straight to any goal, to attain and accomplish, to finish, to advance, to further, to promote, to agree to, to obey, to master, to subdue, to overpower, to win, to win over, to conquer, to establish, to make perfect, to fulfil.