# Yoga General effects of birth in the various yogas
1 Vishkumbha Conquest over enemies, wealthy, attractive, blessed with cattle and lands
2 Priti Loved by all, attracted by women
3 Ayushman Good health and longevity
4 Saubhagya Happiness and comforts
5 Shobhna Lascivious, sexy
6 Athiganda Criminal tendencies, meeting with many obstacles and accidents in life
7 Sukarma Doing good and noble deeds, wealthy
8 Dhriti Indulging in other's money and women
9 Shoolam Angry, and quarrelsome
10 Gandham Bad character
11 Vriddhi Progress day by day, intelligent
12 Dhruva Fixity of mind, concentration, wealthy
13 Vyaghat Cruel minded
14 Harshana Cheerful, intelligent
15 Vajra Wealthy, lascivious
16 Siddhi Will have several attainments and protection of others
17 Vyathipatha Unreliable
18 Variyan Bad character, lascivious
19 Parigha Wealthy, quarrelsome
20 Shiva Respected by kings, cool and calm, well versed in shastras, wealthy
21 Siddha Good natured, interested in religious rites
22 Sadhya Good manners
23 Shubha Wealthy, lustrous, fair, unhealthy
24 Shukla Good mannered, wavering mind, talkative, impulsive
25 Brahma Highly confidential, high aspirations, has capacity to judge correctly
26 Indra Wealthy, learned and helping nature
27 Vaidhriti Cunning, blaming nature, wealthy, strong

Descriptions of yogas according to Dr. Gauri Shankar Kapoor.