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The ultimate Insight into Life and Reality
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Here is an overview of the topics of the course.
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Overview of the topics:

Lesson 1: The Consciousness Paradigm of Reality.
This lesson makes it clear that our essence consists of pure Consciousness. And Consciousness is not only our essence, it is the essence of everything and everyone! As soon as we understand this absolute fact and experience it personally, we spontaneously become loving and wise. This fundamental insight makes us mentally healthy and psychologically mature. It is as simple as that.

Lesson 2: Materialism as a Continuation of the Child's Worldview.
Children usually don't have insight into - and no overview over reality as a whole. Their knowledge is entirely based on their sensory perceptions. Although modern science offers a huge expansion of the sense organs, it remains stuck in the perception of concrete things.

Lesson 3: The Harmony Model versus the Conflict Model of Reality.
Fundamentally, there are only two possible ways of looking at reality. One says that there are only differences - only matter and energy. The other says, that all differences are the different expressions of One universal Essence of reality. One point of view produces conflicts, the other point of view produces harmony.

Lesson 4: Proportions in our Universe.
How do the sizes of the planets relate to each other? How do their distances to the Sun relate to each other? How does the size of our solar system relate to the size of our galaxy? How does our galaxy relate to the whole known universe?

Lesson 5: The Integration of Body, Mind and Soul with the Self.
We are not our body, we have a body. Nor are we our mind or our soul ... we simply are our Self. Once we clearly understand and experience what we really are, we can better manage and also heal our body-mind-soul system.

Lesson 6: All about Enlightenment.
All over the world there exists a tragic misunderstanding about what enlightenment is. This has given rise to many mystifications and deep confusions. In this lesson, this great misunderstanding is eliminated once and for all!

Lesson 7: The Seven States of Consciousness of a Human Being.
Sleeping, dreaming, and waking are the three basic states of consciousness that are experienced by all living beings. The human being, however, has the potential to experience some more subtle and higher states of consciousness. Only when we live these higher states of consciousness, we feel thoroughly contented, free and self-realized.

Lesson 8: The Seven Bodies of a Human Being.
The tri-partition of our individuality in body, mind and soul is very well-known and is widely accepted. On closer look, this tri-partition turns out to be a simplification of the division of our individuality into seven distinguishable levels of functioning. It has great advantages to know all seven!

Lesson 9: The Food that each of our Seven Bodies needs daily.
Man does not live by "bread alone" ... Each of our seven bodies needs its daily food. Only when our seven bodies get what they need, we become holistically healthy and holistically mature.

Lesson 10: Karma, Reincarnation and Enlightenment.
In this lesson, these three fundamental concepts are clearly defined. Insight into these three aspects of life gives us a clear view of some deep mechanics of Creation and the laws of Nature. This overview also makes clear what purpose of life is.

Lesson 11: The Ultimate Cause of Human Suffering.
Underlying the many external causes of human suffering is an internal, self-made cause of suffering. Knowing this inner, fundamental cause, we can drastically reduce all mental, physical, social and environmental sufferings.

Lesson 12: The Causes of Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Bi-Sexuality, and Transsexuality.
Homosexuality etc. is a natural phenomenon that belongs to all ages and takes place in all cultures. In this lesson, the true and natural cause of it is clearly explained. It's about time mankind understands these natural phenomena ...

Lesson 13: All about Happiness.
In this lesson, I explain what happiness really is, and where we can find it, and how we can stabilize happiness in our daily lives. It is good to know that happiness is what we are in essence! When we become what we really are, we automatically become happy!

Lesson 14: Clarity about Truth.
Finally, here we can gain absolute clarity about truth! In this lesson, truth becomes clearly defined. Also you get the answer to the question if truth is something personal or impersonal. Is everyone bound to one's own personal truths, or are there some universal and eternal truths at the basis of existence, about which we all can agree?

Lesson 15: All about Freedom.
In this lesson, I explain what freedom truly is, and how we all can experience true freedom in life, and how we can stabilize that liberating experience in our daily lives.

Lesson 16: Insight into Feelings and Emotions.
In this lesson I explain what feelings are and what emotions are. In this overview, the difference between feelings and emotions becomes very clear, and this insight shows us the way, how to control and manage our emotions effortlessly.

Lesson 17: Introspective Body Feeling.
A universal, practical technique that can dissolve old traumata, stresses and strains. A natural medicine of the future with many positive side effects.

Lesson 18: Meditation - do Less and accomplish More!
In this lesson I explain what meditation exactly is, and how it differs from concentration, contemplation and visualization. Meditation brings our attention to our essence, to our true self. A universal technique to gain mental clarity and mental maturity.

Lesson 19: Yoga - the Integration of Body, Mind and Soul.
Yoga is the science and art of integrating body, mind and soul, with the Self. Yoga distinguishes eight aspects of life, ranging from the outermost to the innermost. This lesson shows how to cultivate these eight aspects of life simultaneously. By using the theory and practice of Yoga, we can unfold our full inner potential.

Lesson 20: Vedanta - the Ultimate Insight into Reality.
Vedanta is the science of Consciousness. It delivers the ultimate knowledge of ourselves, of others, and of reality as a whole. Vedanta gives us the final boost to psychological maturity - formerly called enlightenment.

Lesson 21: Tantra - Integrating Sexuality with Spirituality.
This lesson is a sexual education for adults ... especially for men! Tantra teaches us to use our sexual energy to promote the development of mental health and mental maturity. It is a sister-science of Yoga and Vedanta.

Lesson 22: Vedic Astrology - its Nature and Purpuse.
In this lesson, the correlation between events on Earth and events in the planet and star world is explained! In this way, astrology helps us to develop a cosmic perspective on life and can be used as a powerful tool to realize our cosmic Self.

Lesson 23: Buddha's teaching.
Buddha was a very rational person, who urged everyone to believe nothing but to understand everything. He taught, "True love is born from understanding." His wisdom shows us how to understand, love and develop ourselves in a holistic way.

Lesson 24: The Nature of the Ego and the Nature of the Self.
In this lesson, the difference between the ego and the self is clearly explained. Both are meant to function in Harmony. By becoming aware of the Self, the ego is spontaneously healed so that it becomes loving and wise. The ego is not to be discarded, but made whole!

Lesson 25: All about Stress.
This lesson explains what stress is, how it became part of our body-mind-souls system, and how we can get rid of it.

Lesson 26: All about God.
Finally, clarity about an hitherto unresolved riddle, that has baffled and confused mankind since millennia! Behind all culturally defined names and images of God, we can understand and experience the universal and eternal Divine Being - the source and essence of all that is, was and will be.

Lesson 27: No Wonder Spirituality isn't part of main stream Society!
In this lesson, I explain why it is really no wonder that spirituality is not enjoying a good reputation with the general public. No less than twelve good reasons can be found for it. In this lesson I also point out what can be done to ensure that spirituality can be accepted and embraced by the people in general.

Lesson 28: The Essence of All Wisdom.
Any kind of wisdom, be it in the form of a religion, a philosophy, or a science, ultimately refers to the essence of life and the essence of reality. In this lesson, the common essence of all wisdom is clearly explained.

Lesson 29: The Internal Dynamics of Consciousness.
This lesson gives a peep into the internal dynamics of Consciousness as such. Since Consciousness lies at the basis of creation, it must be infinitely creative and infinitely intelligent. This lesson explains how and why consciousness has manifested the universe out of itself.

Lesson 30: Each One of us Is the Best!
The ultimate formula for harmony among us people.

Lesson 31: Fair Money for a Fair World.
Mahatma Gandhi has pinpointed the root of the money problem: "The earth provides enough to satisfy all people's needs, but not all people's greed." In this lesson I present twelve things that we could do, to make the money system - and thereby human society - fair, just and humane.

Lesson 32: Sustainability - the Key to Sensible Living.
In this lesson, I discuss the importance of sustainability, and present a new paradigm of sustainability. It presents the many levels on which we can learn to behave sustainably. Sustainability at all levels of life is possible by realizing our true Self, which is the archetype of Absolute Sustainability.

Lesson 33: The End of the Rat Race.
The Consciousness Paradigm - the ultimate paradigm of reality - has the potential to transform life on Earth into a wonderful experience for all living creatures. In this lesson you get a glimpse of how easy that could be accomplished! It's all just a matter of Insight - the Sight into the One!

Your interest is aroused? Then this course is meant for you! It was designed to answer your deepest Life questions clearly and satisfyingly! The above 33 Lessons contain everything that every human being needs to know in order to live a happy and fulfilling life! This course provides the Universal Insights that every human being needs in order to become (or remain) psychologically healthy and to become psychologically mature (formerly called "Enlightened".)

Some words about myself and why I think I am able to teach Universal and Absolute Insights into Life and Living:

Today, I'm 67 years of age and since the age of 21, I have given everything I had, to gain insight into the Essence of Life and I did everything I could, to integrate this universal knowledge into my personality. For seventeen years, I studied and thought in a vedic University, where my days were filled with meditation, yoga and vedic studies. In 1992 I received a doctors degree in vedic science, for my studies on Yoga, Vedanta and Vedic astrology. In 1999 I felt that I had acquired enough knowledge and experience about the Essence of Life, and left the University to work as an independent teacher of universal wisdom.

Before my study at the vedic University, I studied Cultural Anthropology at a Dutch University. During this study I specialized myself in the common Essence of all Religions. It is tragic that the insight into the Essence of Life is not available in schools, universities, religions, radio and television, and even in the Internet it is hard to find. Almost everyone deals with "something", and hardly anyone deals with "the essence of each and everything". But here and now, the clear Insight into the Essence of all Wisdom is readily available: this course provides a thorough exposition of this liberating knowledge! It is the ultimate food for the soul, which has been lacking to humanity over thousands of years! The ultimate Insight into Life and Reality has never been explained in such a clear, logical, complete, non-religious, non-sectarian, universal, convincing and self-evident way as in these lessons!

Becoming practical: You can register for this course by sending me an e-mail expressing your wish to receive the links to the 33 Lessons. You can listen to the audio-tracks as often as you wish, and you can also download them (MP3 format), so you can listen to them wherever you are, using your MP3 Player or smartphone.

The price for this online coaching, consisting of 33 hours of liberating "Soul Food", is € 167. These 33 lessons contain all the basic Insights into Life, that every human being needs to know, in order to develop peace of mind and psychological maturity (formerly called: "Enlightenment"). Guaranteed!

For my part, I give you the following guarantee: If after listening to the 33 audio lessons you have the feeling that your deepest life questions were not answered satisfactorily, simply let me know per email and I will return your contribution immediately. With this unheard-of guarantee, there is no reason for you not to order this course! You can only win!

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Thank you for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Frans Langenkamp.

'Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it - in a decade, a century, or a millennium we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise?'

~ John Archibald Wheeler

This course is the exact and complete fulfilment of John Archibald Wheeler's prediction!