Gemstone advice

Gemstone advice

Vedic astrology advices the wearing of specific gemstones in order to tune in to the cosmic forces and thereby tune in to our innermost potential. In every horoscope there are some planets that can and should be strengthened by wearing their corresponding gemstone.

When an important and favorable planet occupies a somewhat difficult or weak position in the birth horoscope, we can strengthen him by wearing the corresponding gemstone. This can be done by placing the stone in a ring and wearing the ring on the finger that corresponds to the planet in question. Alternatively, one can wear the gemstone in a pendant around the neck.

By wearing the gemstone of a certain planet, one feels an increase of inner strength, corresponding to the nature of the planet, giving increased emotional stability, self confidence and support of nature in one?s undertakings.

This science of the therapeutic use of gemstones is thousands of years old and its efficacy is confirmed by every new generation!

Enjoy an increased sense of cosmic correspondence with your birth planet by wearing his cherished and radiant gemstone!

Costs: 45 Euro.

If desired, I can procure for you the desired gemstone.

Any goldsmith can make for you a fitting ring or a pendant.