Children's Horoscope

Did you happen to have a baby recently or are you taking care of a toddler that is starting to show his/her inborn nature?

Mom and dad become ideal parents when they know and understand the unique nature and tendencies of their child. Bringing up children to become happy, healthy and responsible individuals is not an easy task. The horoscope gives many clues about how to handle your child, also in difficult situations. It shows what kind of encouragement and confirmation your child needs in order to grow and be an harmonious adult.

Your child's horoscope shows what the deepest evolutionary needs and tendencies are of your near and dear one!
It tells you exactly what your child needs in order to be and remain happy in life.
It shows his/her deepest desires.
It reveals his/her purpose in life. 
It tells you how he/she will do on school.
How he/she can develop wonderful friendships.
It tells you how the critical time of puberty can be made as smooth as possible.
How will your child find his/her way to independence and self sufficiency?
Which qualities your child has to pay special attention to?
What is the inborn comfort zone of your child?
Towards which area of life your child will have to go and fulfil his/her life purpose?
Which factors will be helpful for him/her to make this crucial journey?

Apart from answering these important questions, this life purpose reading of your child provides an overview over the sequential stages that he/she as an individual will go through.

From my perspective this is one of the most beautiful and useful services that I have to offer. It guarantees a significant increase of harmony in your family as a whole.

Costs: 175 Euro.

Usually, this consult takes the form of a two to two and a half hour talk, for which I thoroughly prepare myself. Alternatively I can make independently an audiotape of the life plan and life purpose of your dear one.

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