Insight is Everything!

Do you want to have a clear and logical insight
into the nature of Life and the nature of Reality as a whole?

I know, I know, most people will tell you that that is an impossibility...

I ensure you however, that it is easily possible!

It is only a matter of re-cognizing it,
when it is presented simply, clearly and logically to you.

And this is exactly what I offer you in my new book!

Over the last 47 years I have been an enthusiastic student of Yoga and Vedanta.
Over the decades I managed to reformulate this ancient knowledge in an
ultramodern language. In simple words I highlight for you
the essence of the whole vedic Wisdom.

In the philosophy of Yoga I found everything that a human being needs to know,
in order to become psychologically "enlightened". During the decades of my
study I made a revolutionary discovery:

What the wisdom traditions of the world call Enlightenment, Liberation,
Salvation etc, is nothing other than psychological maturity;
the full development of heart and intellect!

My new translation and "enlightening" commentary on The Yoga Sutra of the
great Seer Patanjali, is sure to give your psychological, intellectual
and spiritual development a significant boost!

You can order it by sending me an email, in which you show me
(per screenshot or photograph) that you transferred € 15
to the account of my Institute:

Universal Vision Consultancy
Lelystad, Netherlands
IBAN: NL08INGB0009227777

Or you can transfer your investment to my Dutch PayPal account:

PayPal informs me immediately of your transfer. Be sure to mention your
post-address so that I can send you this enlightening book.

The book was printed in Germany by Books on Demand.
On their website you can read the first 20 pages of its total of 192 pages.
You can go there by clicking on the book:

There you can also buy the e-book version.

I look forward to your investment in your mental,
intellectual and spiritual development!

Yours sincerely,
Drs. Frans Langenkamp